And so it begins. Huh. That was not that much of a brooding introduction as I thought it would be. Oh, well. Anyway, greetings! Expect this blog to be an asylum of poems, and possibly even stories if I do get around to finishing them. This is my little writing workshop of horrors. Just kidding. Enjoy … Continue reading Welcome!


Winter tear drops leave upon the white flickers in the sea, Where I’ve looked to the red droplets that were dark as geraniums, Winter beats the cold orchids into the wind that is frail as bone, Where memory passed darkly as the ocean-white dream That is the faint mesa that trails of rocky red in … Continue reading Mid-Dream.

A Wildflower Dream.

Shines above, the light that finds The sea’s protest and the dream of a wildflower, Where the trees of death were made with patted seeds By the bygone dream’s shadow that pleaches Virgin buttresses from this cold pearl of the night. Autumn is the dark, dark Leaf that floats through some wind now, Along with … Continue reading A Wildflower Dream.

Dusk Alone.

The weaved hung warmth of vernal flame, That which kissed upon the tears through The hollowed smoke, which turns the eve. The golden dale washed through the sea As the reflection of the drafts that were bound to death To the stones that float, whisked by a gentle air With a chill to the dainty … Continue reading Dusk Alone.

“Peach Tree: Daughters of Eve (Sonnet 7)” By S. Thorston Scarlett.

Sister, you have stretched your slender fingers to let the bough hang above me, The sour yellow glazed fruit of the sweet crisp peach is hung as an orange ghost, Sister, the tender pale blossom flowered on your finger but now I see a daughter of Eve, Where the yellow powdered orange gold sweat glinted … Continue reading “Peach Tree: Daughters of Eve (Sonnet 7)” By S. Thorston Scarlett.

Unquiet Light.

When the hand lays on sights, dead, That collapsed dust from earlier time, That acceded some time beyond the winds, lead With the lining, cried at first breath. Doth the rooms that kiss the gold of night As when the mutters of veiled chance Bested the light that silence commended, strife, As the rivers bound … Continue reading Unquiet Light.