A feather lifts into the asters, Made known to the wind Teeming with a protestation Of what awaits to be quelled Eternally in this infinity, This sacrifice that slips from the dark, Settles into a river barely seen. Permeating from… Read More ›

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  • Free (Flash Fiction).

      It was a bad heat wave in August that pushed away through the blue sweat, twisted and rolled on the nooks and crannies of us all. An extended rain came down, gradually coming and going, moving in a stutter—and… Read More ›

  • Early dark.

    In the early dark, Intermingled stirs shake and shake Between the round uncertainty in the uprooted flesh, It is mid-winter where there are blue peacocks, And ringing dunes that carry onto the bearers of ice In our face like waves,… Read More ›

  • Throughout our dark minds.

    Amber sunbeams stayed in my dreams; and I recalled whispers throughout our dark minds—autumn when our eyes met; The reverie of the cold entwines us in deferred reveries, in ambrosial shadows. The planet reaps Mosaic stars in backlit born reflections;… Read More ›

  • Like forever meets the mist.

    Strangled in shades, like caved falling fingers by the creeping river Plunged too brightly in the shadows forever, like forever meets the mist In the emptiness of the humming autumn red fruited and lowly kissed On the swath of land,… Read More ›

  • For that is only what we seek.

    The roads, the valleys, the ripened dreams in solidarity, To a handful weaved of a ghost aubade in speech Evoking contingent flames unmourned, and embraced As the shaken birth from the morning, I starve the feathered dreams, As I no… Read More ›

  • Little Willie Poems.

    Written for the Weekly Terrible Poetry Contest. New York Rat. Little Willie was afraid of mice; He laid in bed nearly suffice, His head on the pillow felt oddly flat, As it was actually an obese New York rat. The… Read More ›

  • Frayed dreams (as one).

    Frayed dreams, the pathway, Strangers and passengers, Abandoned by the wind’s blow, As we emerge from the lit sky, Traveling from our stone-kissed feet, And if you stood, I’d have not gleamed From the abyss, From the fern, soaked with… Read More ›

  • We’ve lived nothing as a dream.

    I wake to the darkest light; the marshes cry in the mist, And my eyes fix to the shaking of the wind, grazing the footfall by the permafrost, It is a maddening world out there—the roads beaten, unlit, Crawling of… Read More ›

  • Is This Love?

    Abandon all hope, ye who decides to read this. This is written for this week’s Terrible Poetry Contest. The topic is of first loves/first crushes. I also might now live up to the Little Writing Workshop of Horrors name after… Read More ›

  • “You” By CityLightsAndPowerlines.

    You’re a liar and I knew it from the start, But stupidly- I gave you my weary heart. I gave you the only ounce of trust I had left- But your imaginary tales took it and fled. I’ve been stabbed… Read More ›

  • My Beloved.

    Written for The Weekly Terrible Poetry Contest. My love, as the still light shines on your lice Ah, I smell the onions matted on your breath. What else? Your nose hairs are threads to soon slice, And when I leave… Read More ›

  • Winter roads.

    Winter roads As the air collapses Into grazed Reformed minds Darker than apparition Words alone. Disconnected, Wish I could’ve known What to say As silence Lowers on the dark wood boughs In humanity.

  • Among the Arisen. Chapter V.

    Chapter 5. (Failsafe) Summary: The visions finally come to a head and Diane wants to confront them. “Who I am is despite what happened… not because of it.” Diane looked behind her. No one was there. She looked down. Her… Read More ›

  • A Red Hyacinth.

    We stopped in the primordial catacombs Waiting for the wrinkled aromas unto fresh Italy, And fog that had diverged the roots, laine with fallen roses; And I’ve heard the lonesome flow around the shore, Unrest among the madmen and women… Read More ›

  • Shadows tremble in ghost shores.

    Blue river fiercely Combed; bloomed, Through wind, awakening cold ash. In the frail honey surf Arching Warbling yellow trodden ages, roads; Water gushing, stranded sun Upon Me; and I, I am dizzy with Light. With the humming wind, Shadows Tremble… Read More ›

  • The recitation of my dreams.

    A/N: My take on the Terza Rima poetic form… or at least my attempt at one! 😛 Upon perishable rooted wandering shores The wind’s recitation, a hectic dream Through the picturesque of yellow moors: Slick, blackened, chaste, o’er oozy silver streams…. Read More ›

  • Sunshine Blogger Award #2.

    Thank you Katie Kay for nominating me for the Sunshine Blogger Award! I always love doing these things. They are so much fun. Rules for the Sunshine Blogger Award Thank the blogger(s) who nominated you and link back to their blog…. Read More ›

  • The ecstasy in your eyes.

    Foreign silence beside fever roads: the aroma of fog carries the wind and twists delirium as the red geraniums fall to cold dune fields sleepily in cypress dreams picked by blazes lodged to frosty solitude by the sand hills. A… Read More ›

  • Silence, a dark inscribed, silence, a tyrannical void.

    Dreams entwined, Dreams throughout false silence, Silence, a dark inscribed, Silence, a tyrannical void, Void of fierce gasp, Void of reddened wounds, Wounds that starve under snow, Wounds around weeping crisp frost, Frost over the leaves Frost upon pure caverns,… Read More ›