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Wind dwells the dusk far Into perishable hours Frail, the light enriches Darkness in the world. The voice in sweet cities, Sleeping in dim snow. Surrender beneath The universe in this room; A flower, a dream Will lie crisp Softly with hidden laughter Summoning pure sleep.

Countdown to NaNoWriMo: 9 Days

Mark Borne Nexus: NaNoWriMo Novel

“‘Tis the season to be inspired…” You know what, that song doesn’t work here. But you know what does? Writing tips! And the quote drives us to our first of ten!

5) Create a Playlist

Successful books usually have a boatload of emotions, and songs convey emotions very well. Creating a playlist to fit a certain mood, and listening to that playlist as you write a story or part of a story with a matching mood can drastically improve your writing. Or it can do absolutely nothing. One or the other.

4) Using Writing Resources

Don’t just pull up a Word document or grab a pencil and paper, use real, in-depth writing resources! I still use either Google Docs or Word Documents for the actual story, but there are plenty of writing resources out there that help you organize, develop, and plan details of your story, as well as assist…

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Inspired by this awesome prompt. There, the shores of lonely remembrance see as to I have brought On the stirring abandoned rivers that are breathless through the shriveled drops of blood, And it is glinted from the wounding sun upon my pale skin that flutters upon the shallow surf, And I, oh, I will be … Continue reading Alone.


Poems & Equality

Word count: 145

Warning: A lot of sadness


Silence is golden,

Silence is precious,

Silence keeps me safe.

My mind is a void,

An overflowing, overthinking

Boisterous void which comforts me,

Consoles me, builds me up and

Breaks me down, exploits my fears,

Beats me within an inch of my soul

In one second.

And yet, my mouth can’t form the words

I desperately want to say,

It stutters, it hesitates,

It remains silent.

The words remain in my mind,

Only released on paper

Or Microsoft Word..

The silence is maddening.

It is not golden or precious,

It harms me instead of protecting me –

It screams in my mind yet

Refuses to let even a hum escape.

Please, please set me free

From the bonds of your cruelty,

For once let me say what’s on my mind

Without fear of judgment or disappointment.

I’d do anything to get…

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