Ice dark (the world is dreaming).

lie across the taurobolium

at the motherless spring

without feeling, without breath;

pale mulberries infiltrate the wind


in ice dark of obscured dreams

by the sea-green void, vanishing by the surf,

as the fresh dew slumbers in the whiteness of morning

exorcised with twigs of the dying trees. 


flicker with the nightly, strange sea,

the augur bleeds madly onto the sand

behind the betrayed fog mire

these helpless longings, starved in the droplets of mist

in the solitude of each shadow that breaks each rock and stone

broken in its place like a fallen leaf lifeless in the stretch of dreaming,

expanded in the tarry blue in ancient loss, what it truly means to grieve,

shivering god-like, shivering emerging from a cocoon;


the robin’s nest is naked, violently absent, as it shutters across the viaducts,

blending with the past—the secrecy having gone, tormenting a breath

in the dark snow, a wound in the interstices, each winter returning 

disappearing in another’s cruelty, remembrance; rejecting the kiss upon flesh

the wind retreats upon you, waving a leaf, the dance of a prelude in a whispering fear,

the world dreaming.

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22 replies

  1. aerie to the nest she flew
    as the chicks grew
    they still wanted food
    and were free to fly
    blood lust

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  2. WOW Lucy. What amazing poetry. It is beautiful

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  3. Beautiful collection of phrases here

    Liked by 2 people

  4. Beautiful and devastating all at once! I love it!

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  5. Very evocative. A favourite piece I’ve read today

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  6. You vocabulary is amazing and the flow to this poem was a treat to the mind

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