L.W.W.O.H. Submissions Posts

“Thick Voices of Repose” by Brand.

Your spiritDrawn across the skiesVeiled in silver laceBeyond secret shadowsOn darkened peaksWhose granite walls echoThe voices of my heartJoined in constant songAnd cascadeBreaking away impermanenceAs the only rhythms of the nightWashing across synapses branching. Watching the wheel of new crescentPulling… Read More ›

“The fart catcher” by a.d.matthias.

Note from the author a.d.matthias: Everything italicized is authentic 1920s American slang, including the title. Lightning split the sky over a secluded, Philadelphia country road. Autumnal sycamores and ironwoods embraced the winding route. Swollen with deep oranges and dirty yellows,… Read More ›

“Ophilia” By a.d.matthias.

Cecilia paused. She could never remember their names. Perhaps she is never told; perhaps she is made to forget. Briefly wondering how many have come and gone, she then decides that names are ultimately inconsequential, before lamenting sotto voce, “What’s… Read More ›

“Undefined” By Brand.

Phantoms drift midst deep dusk light timeless and summer, but never settle. Gray, shadowed and peaceful faint impressions rust like old sun faded paintings on the brick of an antique building. Unclear Regardless With each touch, the surface crumbles Chips… Read More ›


By CityLightsAndPowerlines. You’re a liar and I knew it from the start, But stupidly- I gave you my weary heart. I gave you the only ounce of trust I had left- But your imaginary tales took it and fled. I’ve… Read More ›

“Can Never” By The Golden Ray.

I can never forget you, Never forgive you. I can never neglect you, Never protect you. I can never talk to you, Never ignore you. So what can I do, Besides nothing? Want to submit something? Just go here.