An ale river Between the mountains Reels by holy mist. Dead in the Eden, The land, the land, Screaming on the Aragon valley, “Beyond fragile lips Of a bleeding, tormented river, It is lost as the seashore, And is caressed by mothering wind, In the crimson river, confined by silence Which salutes the pre-winter to … Continue reading Firewood.

Of Death.

When your shrine of Death kisses and weeps, It bows that death of stream with washes of rapt echoes, When exclaimed, the vaults of sorrow through valleys ago, I should again be silenced by eidolons where no dream reaps, Where no dream wallows in the grown, endless shift that tailed Fires through some old stone, … Continue reading Of Death.


Light, midnight, On moorlands, summoning fate, Alone, viceroys break Every pretty tear that rises And carries wind in lone summoning fate. As scars gleam in twinkling nightfall, as they fall to rest Upon trees, a thousand feet, that dance in sunlight, And worshipped on a pretty brow, bends the river-way And worshipped on pallid rests, … Continue reading Viceroy.


nightfall when it’s still and ill-lit, as the moon kneels and the mist recites me a dream I fall in lowering mercy and admit as the world, unreal, and imagine the mid-stream as I fall deeper into the silent moon and I whisper into a darkened room before sleep ‘I give my words beyond the … Continue reading Nightfall.


Winter tear drops leave upon the white flickers in the sea, Where I’ve looked to the red droplets that were dark as geraniums, Winter beats the cold orchids into the wind that is frail as bone, Where memory passed darkly as the ocean-white dream That is the faint mesa that trails of rocky red in … Continue reading Mid-Dream.