Free (Flash Fiction).

  It was a bad heat wave in August that pushed away through the blue sweat, twisted and rolled on the nooks and crannies of us all. An extended rain came down, gradually coming and going, moving in a stutter—and… Read More ›

Among the Arisen. Chapter IV.

Chapter 4. (A Sign) Summary: How does the book pertain to Diane’s recent problems? The immortality of a moment severed Diane’s hands. The book rubbed against the skin of her palms, pushing its carved edges, corners sharp and emaciated. Blankly,… Read More ›

Among the Arisen. Chapter III.

Chapter 3. (The Book) Summary: Diane’s visions have worsened. Is it foreshadowing or is there another connection out there to exhaust? She turns to Linda for help. The second woman glanced down slightly, while a noise scattered in the distance,… Read More ›