Rules, Restrictions, Acknowledgements

Rules, Restrictions, and Acknowledgments:

My works are under the copyright ©Lucy’s Works.  Submissions from other authors belong to their respective creators; I do not own them. I only have the privilege of publishing their valuable pieces on my site. Contributors are not paid and only submit works that they feel is appropriate under the “Little Writing Workshop of Horrors Submission Stand.” If an author or contributor requests that their submission be removed off this site, please leave me a note here, and I will take care of it immediately.

I read all the works I receive as submissions. If accepted, they are posted on a first come, first serve basis. If I feel, however, it violates the rules posted on the Submission page, it will not be considered for publication on the “Little Writing Workshop of Horrors.” Yes, even though this is a blog, online submissions and literary works published on personal websites/blogs are often seen as online publications, and would be considered previously published through the perspective of literary journals, magazines, and editors.

Reblogs of posts are allowed if you would like to share my work. What is not allowed, however, is publishing the post on your own blog without my permission. A general courtesy, if you will, to ask. Even if it is properly credited, I still want to know beforehand. If published without my prior accord, I ask that the post be removed. As for submission pieces, you will want to direct your queries to the individual authors and clarify with them what they allow or do not allow with their literary work.

As well, any work that doesn’t give credit to an original author that they’ve used lines from or borrowed lines from is considered plagiarism, and it will be removed from this blog.


Remember, as Smokey the Bear says, “Only YOU can prevent plagiarism!”

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Well… Not at all, but you get the point, don’t you?

  • No spam comments. However, links (even of your own website) are fine if relevant to a post or page, but spam on this site is equivalent to constant, incessant promotion of your posts or blog. They will be subsequently removed. If this happens more than a couple times, your commenting privileges will be banned.


  • There are two places on this blog that I will happily accept blog or post promotion. The first is through my submissions link for the “Little Writing Workshop of Horrors Submission Stand.” You can promote yourself through this comment section, or you can add a link to your  blog or a singular post through my submission form in the author’s note section when submitting a piece for consideration. If accepted, it will be posted along with your submission. The second is through the “Poetry Corner” where you can promote yourself and engage in discussions.


  • No harassing fellow authors or commenters.


  • No racist/harmful/homophobic/sexist or anything–phobic slurs or comments.


  • First time comments are moderated, and after I approve your comment, the rest will go through.


  • If a comment is inappropriate and is in violation of the rules, it will be deleted. If it is harmful, threatening, or a slur, your commenting privileges are banned.


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  1. I like the ground rules here. I need to do something similar.

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