Silence, a dark inscribed, silence, a tyrannical void.

Dreams entwined, Dreams throughout false silence, Silence, a dark inscribed, Silence, a tyrannical void, Void of fierce gasp, Void of reddened wounds, Wounds that starve under snow, Wounds around weeping crisp frost, Frost over the leaves Frost upon pure caverns, Caverns of the mind like a breeze, Caverns by the blue delphiniums like crystal, Crystal … Continue reading Silence, a dark inscribed, silence, a tyrannical void.

Unquiet Light.

Lucy's Works

When the hand lays on sights, dead,
That collapsed dust from earlier time,
That acceded some time beyond the winds, lead
With the lining, cried at first breath.
Doth the rooms that kiss the gold of night
As when the mutters of veiled chance
Bested the light that silence commended, strife,
As the rivers bound to death as the unquiet light.
When thy heart withers at unborn tears,
Beyond the dressing of the sea, condemned
By the forthright waves that wallow sails
And willow them too, no more from a valley dale,
The rivers that reflected the moon
That dream for light to chill the dell
And when among the intone, it broods and dwells,
The everlasting song, thy unrest that shines the wells,
That laid the dirge of the last sight,
With unrest from the earlier time (which is change),
With the lining, alive, above a river of dead…

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A Winter Sere.

A winter sere upon ashen cypress leaves A paradise among a ghoul of wind, a fragile river, Where I, I will stay beside a midnight tomb that rose a shiver, Alas in the time!—the entombed willows illuminate the trees, And I will wake from frail calls, lonely, enkindled by the breeze. I will wake in … Continue reading A Winter Sere.


Wind dwells the dusk far Into perishable hours Frail, the light enriches Darkness in the world. The voice in sweet cities, Sleeping in dim snow. Surrender beneath The universe in this room; A flower, a dream Will lie crisp Softly with hidden laughter Summoning pure sleep.