Winter roads.

Winter roads As the air collapses Into grazed Reformed minds Darker than apparition Words alone. Disconnected, Wish I could’ve known What to say As silence Lowers on the dark wood boughs In humanity.

A Red Hyacinth.

We stopped in the primordial catacombs Waiting for the wrinkled aromas unto fresh Italy, And fog that had diverged the roots, laine with fallen roses; And I’ve heard the lonesome flow around the shore, Unrest among the madmen and women… Read More ›


Inspired by this awesome prompt. There, the shores of lonely remembrance see as to I have brought On the stirring abandoned rivers that are breathless through the shriveled drops of blood, And it is glinted from the wounding sun upon… Read More ›

In The Stars.

For the present, memory is rattled by the sorrel sobs that do not quell from my bleeding lips And I, now enclosed, in the flowers and darkened furnaces that blemished on my pale skin, I do not know, nor do… Read More ›


My dear! Enwrapped around, Senses displayed—I had thought the reality, The drought and rings of nymphs, And I, and I so foolishly pestered, Thatched by those dead, those pranced, At the sight of the endless bloom, And I have remained… Read More ›